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Introducing the Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator Kit, the ultimate solution for relieving your baby's stuffy nose. This kit includes a high-quality nasal aspirator, a pack of disposable filters, and a convenient storage case, making it the perfect on-the-go solution for congestion relief.


The aspirator features a gentle suction power, ensuring a comfortable and effective removal of mucus without causing any discomfort for your little one.


With its easy-to-use design, this nasal aspirator is a must-have for every parent looking to provide quick and efficient relief for their baby's nasal congestion. Say goodbye to stuffy noses and hello to easy breathing with the Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator Kit.


What's In the Kit?

- Motorised Aspirator Handset (requires 2 x AA batteries)

- Collection Cup and Lid

- 4 soft, silicone nozzles (newborn, short, long and ultra wide) 

- Refillable saline spray bottle

- Drawstring carry bag


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