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The BodyICE Woman Perineum Strip is a specialised ice and heat pack designed to offer relief for the perineum before and after childbirth or surgery.


When warmed, it functions as a perineal heat pack, aiding in increasing blood circulation and softening the perineum during the second stage of labour, thereby potentially reducing perineal trauma.


When frozen, it serves as a cold pack, delivering soothing and cooling relief to the perineum, which may be swollen or tender post-childbirth.


ed for conditions like Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), haemorrhoids, and vaginal surgeries. can effectively alleviate pain and inflammation around C-section scars and be utilisBodyICE


Simply place the pack in the freezer for cooling therapy, or warm it in the microwave for gentle heat therapy.


The BodyICE Woman Perineal Ice Pack & Heat Pack is a must-have for any new mother looking for natural, drug-free pain relief during the postpartum period.


Made from soft medical grade PVC and flexible non-toxic gel beads.


Each pack contains:

1x perineum strip.

5x washable perineum sleeves


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